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5-Star Direct To Metal Self-Etching Primer w/ Reducer

5-Star Direct To Metal Self-Etching Primer w/ Reducer
    Photos are intended for general color reference only. Refer to Color Chart for actual color samples.

    Filler primer for use on steel, fiberglass, aluminum and certain galvanized and zinc coated steel. Can be topcoated directly.

    #5414 Self-Etching Primer and #5415 Etching Filler Reducer is a Chromate Free Metal Etching Filler that is ideal for spot/panel repairs where bare metal is present. It increases both adhesion and corrosion protection on bare substrates. It fills minor surface imperfections and may be topcoated directly for quick and easy repairs. 

    Steel, Fiberglass, Galvanized Steel, Cured Body Filler, Aluminum, OEM Enamel, OEM Lacquers.




    5.83 lbs/gal

    Volume Solids

    11% (Mixed)

    Film build full wet coats


    Flash Point

    48º F

    Pot Life

    24 Hours

    Theoretical Coverage

    176 sq. ft.






     Self-Etching Primer



     Etching Filler Reducer



    Mixing - National Rule:
    1 part D.T.M. Etching Filler to 1 part D.T.M. Etching Filler Reducer

    Surface Preparation:
    1. Solvent clean surface with 5 Star #5900 or #5905 wax and grease remover
    2. Grind repair area to remove paint and all rust as needed
    3. Apply body filler, if required
    4. Sand all areas to be refinished and featheredge all broken film areas with 320 grit
    5. Use 36" masking paper to prevent overspray problems

    Spray at 5-9 PSI at the cap for HVLP or 30-35 PSI for conventional guns. Apply 2-3 medium wet coats allowing 2-3 minutes flash time between coats.

    Recoat in 30 minutes, Sand in 60 minutes, After 24 hours must be lightly scuffed before topcoating. Final dry film thickness should be a minimum of 1.0 mil.

    Danger: Vapor and spray mist harmful. Overspray may cause lung damage.  May cause allergic skin and respiratory reaction, effects may be permanent. Flammable liquid and vapor. Harmful if inhaled. May affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache, or nausea. May cause eye, skin, nose, and throat irritation. Contents: See product label for contents and CAS #'s. The contents of this package must be blended with other components before the product can be used.  Any mixture of components will have hazards of all components.  Before opening the packages, read all warning labels.  Follow all precautions.  The material is designed for application only by professional trained personnel using proper equipment under controlled conditions, and is not intended for sale to the general public.


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