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Kirker Hot Rod Black Acrylic Urethane Paint Kit

Kirker Hot Rod Black Acrylic Urethane Paint Kit
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    HOT ROD BLACK Acrylic Urethane Topcoat (Satin Finish)

    Hot Rod Black is an activated, two-component single-stage urethane that combines the smooth satin finish of days gone by with today’s most durable coatings technology. This advanced acrylic urethane material features exceptional exterior durability and resistance to UV and chemicals, as well as scratching and marring from everyday wear.

    Designed to flow easily and give complete coverage in two medium wet coats. This versatile coating may be used for overall refinish projects or accent work anytime a beautifully smooth satin finish is desired. May also be used on interior parts, chassis, firewalls, and even on the hoods of commercial / transportation vehicles to reduce sun glare.

    ▪ National Rule Compliant

    ▪ Easy 3:1 mix ratio, no additional reduction require

    ▪ High solids formula

    ▪ Excellent coverage

    ▪ Excellent flow and leveling

    ▪ Excellent flexibility

    ▪ Far more durable than “hot rod black” primers

    ▪ Excellent resistance to chemicals, stone chips, scratching, marring

    ▪ Won’t chalk or fade

    COATING TYPE: H/S Acrylic Urethane Paint (Single-stage)

    PRODUCT CODE: UA-70388

    ACTIVATORS: UA-1600M - Medium temp (Below 80°F) UA-1600S - High temp (Above 80°F)

    REDUCERS: UR-9065 / UR-8065 Fast (Low temp) UR-9075 / UR-8075 Medium (Mid temp) UR-9085 / UR-8075 Slow (High temp) UR-9095 / UR-8095 Super slow (Very high temp) UE-8000 Universal Zero-VOC Reducer


    Appearance: Weight per Gallon: Package Measure: Packaged VOC:

    Black paint (satin finish when dried) 8.3 lbs 3⁄4 U.S. gallon / 96 fl. oz. (2.84 liters) 4.0 lbs/gallon (479 grams/L)

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    SURFACE PREP: Remove all traces of wax, grease, silicone, oil and other contaminants with detergent wash, followed with a solvent wash (such as Kirker’s 650 Wax & Grease Remover). Abrade substrate with 600-800 grit to ensure sufficient adhesion. Re-clean with final wash cleaner (such as Kirker’s 600 Surface Wash) before applying Hot Rod Black.

    HOT ROD BLACK may also be applied “wet on wet,” over certain freshly applied undercoats including Kirker’s PERFECT Prime (2K urethane primer surfacer – overall) and RAPID Prime (Kirker’s 2K urethane primer surfacer – spot/panel) after approximately 30 minutes flash time; or ENDURO Prime (Kirker’s 2-part epoxy primer) after 30-45 minutes flash time.

    Be sure to mask all adjacent panels to prevent dry overspray.

    MIXING: Mix ratio: 3:1 by volume. Thoroughly mix three (3) parts UA-70388 with one (1) part of the appropriate Activator (UA-1600M, UA-1600S), depending on air flow and shop temperatures. NOTE: Use paint shaker/stir stick to completely mix paint before activating, as some settling may occur over time.

    Temperature range Less than 80° F More than 80° F Activator UA-1600M (medium) UA-1600S (slow)

    No additional reduction is required, though the use of Kirker’s urethane-grade reducers may be reduced with one of Kirker’s urethane-grade reducers (chose from the list below depending on the anticipated shop temperature at the time of application) or by up to 20% with Kirker’s Universal Zero-V.O.C. Reducer, UE-8000. Reduction may improve flow and leveling, while also helping to prevent orange peel in this high-solids coating. WARNING: With further reduction beyond the recommended 3:1 mix ratio, Hot Rod Black may no longer be VOC compliant for your area.

    Temperature range Less than 70° F 70° F - 80° F 80° F – 90°F Above 90°F Reducer (Gallon) UR-9065 (Gal) UR-9075 (Gal) UR-9085 (Gal) UR-9095 (Gal) Reducer (Quart) UR-8065 (Qt) UR-8075 (Qt) UR-8085 (Qt) UR-8095 (Qt) Speed FAST MEDIUM SLOW SUPER SLOW

    Caution: Mix only as much material as you will need to complete the immediate job.

    UA-70388 6 oz 12 oz. 24 oz. 48 oz. UA-1600 Activator 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. TOTAL MIXTURE 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz.

    POT LIFE: Approximately 2 hours at 70°F. Caution: Pot life is significantly shorter at elevated temperatures and in humid conditions. These environmental factors also may affect flow and leveling during the application process.


    GUN TYPE TIP SIZE AIR PRESSURE Conventional Siphon Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.8 mm 45-55 psi at the gun Conventional Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm 45-55 psi at the gun HVLP 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm 8-10 psi at the tip

    Always refer to gun manufacturer’s recommendations for additional details on suggested tip size, air pressure and other adjustments.

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    APPLICATION: Apply HOT ROD BLACK in two (2) medium coats as necessary to achieve the desired coverage, allowing five (5) to ten (10) minutes flash time between coats (+/- depending on air flow and temperature). This is a high-solids material that builds quickly. A dry film thickness of approximately 2 mils is recommended. Excessive film build will result in higher gloss level.

    Consistent spray pattern and application technique is important to prevent variations in the gloss level of finished paint film.

    TO INCREASE SHEEN: Apply additional coats, or apply in heavier coats. Doing so can increase the finish to a semi-gloss appearance.

    TO DECREASE SHEEN: Apply material “dry,” shooting lighter coats from a greater distance. Doing so can decrease the finish to a matte or eggshell appearance.

    If Hot Rod Black does not flow properly during application, adjust gun settings and/or reduce material by about 10% with a urethane-grade reducer or Zero-VOC reducer.


    AIR DRY FORCE DRY (Bake for 40 min. at 140° F after five-min. flash) Dust free: 15-20 minutes End of cycle Tack free: 1 hour End of cycle Tape: 8 hours 20 minutes after cycle Stripe: Next day 20 minutes after cycle Full cure: 18-24 hours 20 minutes after cycle Deliver: 24 hours 20 minutes after cycle Decal: 48 hours 20 minutes after cycle

    Air-dry times may vary slightly depending on shop temperatures, airflow and total film thickness. All dry times listed are approximate, at 70° - 75° F

    CLEANUP: Close all containers tightly after each use. Clean gun and spray equipment with gun wash or other appropriate solvent products immediately after application to prevent damage.

    Shelf life of UA-1600M and UA-1600S Activator is limited once cans have been opened. These products are extremely susceptible to oxygenation and exposure to moisture. Therefore, containers should be closed tightly after each use, with a clean seal, as quickly as possible. Also, activators should be stored at a consistent temperature to prevent the formation of potentially damaging condensation inside of the can.

    RECOAT WINDOW: HOT ROD BLACK may be recoated for up to 18 hours (at 70° - 75°F). After 18 hours, surface must first be abraded with 600-800 grit to promote sufficient adhesion before recoating.

    POLISH: DO NOT sand, polish and/or wax this topcoat. Doing so will increase the gloss, changing the appearance of the finish irreversibly.

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    USE THIS PRODUCT ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION: Wear appropriate, properly fitted fresh-air-supplied NIOSH/MSHA-approved respirator (TC-19C or equivalent) as directed by the manufacturer. Protect hands with impervious nitrile gloves. Always wear eye and face protection. Individuals with lung or breathing problems should neither use nor be exposed to this product, its vapors or spray mist. READ ALL WARNINGS ON ALL LABELS BEFORE USING.

    This product is designed to be mixed with other components. Mixture will have hazards of all components. Before opening the packages, read all warning labels. Follow all precautions. See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional health and safety information.

    WARRANTY: All recommendations for the use of Kirker products are based on tests and experience believed to be reliable. Since the methods of use, conditions of application, and the application itself are beyond our control, product warranty is restricted to replacement of material only. No other warranty, written or oral, is expressed or implied.



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