Auto Paint Gallons

Our standard auto paint comes in the following options:


Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint – Starfire Gallons
PaintForCars Starfire High Solids Acrylic Enamel Automotive Paint, is a single-stage, fast drying, easy to spray durable finishing system specifically developed for the automotive market, with OEM durability and gloss in a single stage finish.

Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint – Starfire Gallons
PaintForCars Starfire Acrylic Urethane is an easy to use single stage paint system. Starfire acrylic urethane offers a high gloss, easy flow out, and a durable chip resistant finish with out the need for a clear coat.

Acrylic Urethane Paint Basecoat – Starfire Gallons
PaintForCars Starfire Urethane Basecoat, is designed for use with a clearcoat in our highest quality basecoat clearcoat car finish, providing superior quality, durability and gloss in an easy to apply two stage automotive paint refinishing system.